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5 Ways to Create a Montessori-Inspired Playroom at Home

5 Ways to Create a Montessori-Inspired Playroom at Home

The Montessori philosophy is applicable to children of any age, although it is often used with toddlers and young children. Creating a playroom in your home that is thoughtfully designed for your child can help improve their creativity and their independence. And, as a bonus, Montessori-inspired playrooms are beautiful, too.

 Here are five ways you can start designing a Montessori-style playroom in your home…


  1. Stay organized. Montessori playrooms are beautiful to look at (and fun to play in) because they stay so organized. Whether you choose to group by color, size, or category, remember that organization doesn’t equal perfection. Create a system that works for you and your child - and then stick to it!


  1. Use natural materials. Montessori playrooms are unique in today’s world because they stay away from electronic toys and unnatural materials. When creating your playroom, look for items that are crafted from wood, metal, clay, and glass. Open-ended toys that inspire creativity (like blocks and tiles) are another must!


  1. Inspire independence. Create your Montessori-inspired playroom with furniture and items that are designed for children. Rather than placing things on high shelves that your toddler can’t reach, keep everything within reach. Add items in the room that help them be a part of clean up too, like small brooms and easy-to-carry baskets.


  1. Encourage movement. Even though your space might be limited, small children really don’t need that much room to move around freely. Try anchoring your playroom with an open area that gives your child the freedom to move around and create.


  1. Offer moments of quiet. Carve out cozy little spaces in your playroom to encourage quiet moments. Corners piled with pillows and cushions, or fun tents, can help your child feel calm and safe.