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All About Teething Necklaces

All About Teething Necklaces

When your little one is teething, you will stop at nothing to help alleviate the pain and discomfort. While those tiny teeth are pushing their way through, your baby may experience symptoms such as swollen gums, drooling, disrupted sleep and loss of appetite.

There are some great at-home remedies you can apply such as massaging the swollen gums, providing a cool, damp cloth to such on or administering pain relievers (at the advice of your doctor). However, there is one beautiful little accessory that may eradicate all these symptoms and help your child pass through this necessary developmental pain with little to no discomfort.

What are teething necklaces?

Despite how it sounds, teething necklaces are not meant for your baby to chew on. Instead, they are small necklaces made with Baltic amber (fossilized tree resin). When the baby wears one, their body heat triggers the release of an oil from the amber that contains succinic acid which is then absorbed into the bloodstream.

Succinic acid is a natural analgesic that creates a chemical reaction in the body that reduces irritability and inflammation. It is often used in supplements to alleviate symptoms of menopause, arthritis and joint pain.

Do they really work?

While there is no hard science to back up the claim that amber teething necklaces work, advocates claim that this drug-free and naturally made remedy helps to alleviate teething symptoms.

While there is no science to prove the effectiveness of teething necklaces, the positive physical effects of succinic acid have been proven. So there’s truth in what amber teething necklaces may offer but no proof that they actually do.

That hasn’t stopped many parents from using teething necklaces and standing behind their claim that they work. However, if you are looking for a natural and drug-free way to help your little one through teething, they are worth trying.

Are there any safety issues?

As with anything you expose your child to or place upon their body, there are safety factors to consider when using an amber teething necklace.

Source and Quality. When purchasing a teething necklace, always check to see if the company uses 100% true amber. Some companies may use cheaper facsimiles and try to pass it off as amber. Also look at the construction of the necklaces. Responsible companies will create their product with safety clasps and separate each bead with a small knot. This ensures that should the necklace break, only one tiny bead will let loose instead of the entire necklace.

Wear During Waking Hours. While proper necklaces are made to easily snap open to prevent strangulation, it is always best to take off the necklace when your little one is sleeping and only have them wear it during waking hours.

Length. In order to avoid the necklace getting caught on objects, stuck in your baby’s mouth or your baby’s arm stuck in the necklace, you need to make sure the necklace fits properly. If you can fit two fingers (no more and no less) under the necklace then it is fitted properly.