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Flying with a baby

Flying with a baby

Long distance flights are not always a walk in the park, especially with a baby. However, we’ve come up with some survival tips to get you through.

Fly during the evening

Babies are hyper-aware and stimulated at the airport, as It’s overly bright and much too exciting for any small person to want to sleep. Choosing a night flight gets them out of this chaos and into a dark quiet zone quickly.

Arrive early, get on late

As you know things take an extra long time with a baby. Get in there early so you’re all checked in without any worries. Once you’ve boarded try to make the space like a mini version of your baby room. Bring their favourite blanky / towel / teddy bear / pillow or sleeping bag. Also a large bit of dark fabric and some tape to cover up bright lights above their head. Looks weird, but works wonders.

Block out those darn engine sounds!

We all find the sound of the roaring plane engines annoying, so imagine how hard it its for a micro sized ear! Not to mention other crying babies onboard. A pair of cuddly soft New Junior baby earmuffs help to block out these unwanted noises and put your bub right to sleep while you get into those free trashy movies.

Do your best to avoid melt-downs

Let's be honest - yours and theirs included.


Photo: Paul Hanaoka