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Gender Neutral Nurseries Are on the Rise

Gender Neutral Nurseries Are on the Rise

If you are expecting a little bundle of joy, it’s likely you have already begun designing the perfect nursery, whether in your head or on Pinterest. While there are many adorable designs you can implement for boys and girls, gender neutral designs are becoming the focus of many parents-to-be.

While you may first turn your nose at the idea of neutral colors and décor, consider some of the benefits of choosing a gender neutral nursery and some of the adorable ideas available in this style:

Saving Money

If you are planning on having more than one child, a gender neutral nursery will save you money when the next little one arrives. Even if you do not plan on moving your current child to another room, having the décor and bedding for the next arrival will cut down on preparation costs.

Even if you do not plan on having more children, hanging on to the nursery elements may come in handy if another bundle of joy arrives by surprise. Otherwise, there is likely a higher resale value in neutral décor.


A gender neutral room will grow with your child as their tastes and preferences change. A little girl with a vibrantly pink nursery may decide as she ages that blues and green are more her style. A little boy’s truck décor may not withstand time if he beings to gravitate toward other interests such as sports or jungle animals.

When your little one’s room begins its life with a neutral palette, it sets the stage for easy and affordable change as your child grows and develops.

Surprise Gender

Even with advanced ultrasound technology that can accurately depict an unborn child’s gender, some parents today are still waiting until the moment of birth to learn if their child is a boy or girl. If this is the case for you, then a gender neutral nursery will ensure that you can decorate and set up the room prior to birth.

Once a baby enters the world, there are so many things that will need your immediate attention that you will likely not have time to focus on decorating a nursery to suit his or her gender. Choosing a gender neutral nursery means that this crucial preparation is complete before diving in to the wonderful and busy world of parenthood.

Gender Neutral Design Ideas

Choosing a gender neutral design for your baby’s nursery doesn’t mean you have to commit to bland colors and dull decorations. It simply means that you choose timeless elements and themes that are suitable for both boys and girls.

Woodland Creatures. One nursery theme rising in popularity is woodland creatures. Picture deer, rabbits, foxes and owls with colors such as grey, yellow, teal and sage. Consider adding some plaid accents to give this nursery theme a natural and woodsy touch.

Pattern. Using patterns to design a gender neutral nursery is a great way to make colors such as grey, yellow and orange pop and bounce about the room. Decorate using patterns such as chevron and polka dots.

Pops of Color. You can always begin with a very neutral palette with colors such as grey, black and white. Add accents of bright colors such as yellow on lampshades, pillows and seating.