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New Junior career mother or not

Should I stay at home with the baby or continue my career?

The decision on whether to stay at home or continue your career is one that requires careful evaluation of your priorities and circumstances. It is not an easy decision to make but choosing the right decision that makes you happy is beneficial for the whole family.

Benefits of being a Working mom

For You

Motherhood is one of the most important jobs on the planet and it is truly rewarding to know that you are giving your best. You are more than a mother though and you have gifts and talents that you can share with the world in your career that make you a better person and a better mother.

Having a career also helps you to stay connected to the outside world and connecting with like-minded adults keeps you intellectually, emotionally and socially stimulated.

For your relationship

A family situation where both spouses are working means that the spouses are able to connect on a deeper level other than being parents. Your partner is able to appreciate more the role that you’re playing as both a career woman and a mother and is more likely to help out more with the parenting duties.

A working couple is also able to share and relate with each other’s careers and for the woman, it takes less of an effort to keep up the image she had as a savvy career woman and this keeps the spark in their marriage life.

For the baby

Children of a working mom generally tend to become more independent and learn to do things for themselves earlier and faster than kids who have stay-at-home moms. This is debatable of course, but exposing your child to other people such as a babysitter, daycare center and other kids helps the child explore and adapt to other situations besides mom.


The biggest complaint about working moms is the compromised quality time you have with your baby. If your commute time is especially long, you are physically and emotionally drained by the time you get home and are therefore not able to give your best attention to your baby. You also miss out on the wonderful things that your baby has done during the day.

Benefits of Stay at home moms

For you

The miracle of watching as your baby grows and develops and being there for them for all their little and large milestones is an experience that cannot be replicated. Being a stay-at-home mom keeps you focused and enriches both you and your baby as you connect and bond.

For your relationship

As a stay-at-home mom, you are not trying to juggle your working hours with being at home. You are more relaxed and able to handle the house duties easily and when your partner gets home, it’s easier to share quality time together.

For baby

The greatest comfort to a child is knowing that his mother is always there. Nothing comes close to a mother who is fully present in her child’s life.


Some disadvantages of stay-at-home moms include the boredom that comes with being at home all day and not having the opportunity for intellectually stimulating conversation and activities with adults.

Babies of stay-at-home moms also tend to be clingier as they are accustomed to being with their moms all the time.