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The Benefits of Natural Childbirth

The Benefits of Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth is when a woman gives birth without the aid of medication or medical intervention. Most women who give birth naturally feel empowered by the experience since they are able to be in control of their bodies and connected to the experience. Giving birth to a child without medical pain relief may seem like a highly painful ordeal but the truth is that natural birth actually facilitates an easier labor and healthier birth.

If you are considering giving birth naturally to your baby, or if you are even hesitant to entertain the idea, here are some benefits to natural childbirth:

Freedom to Move Around
When women elect to have an epidural to ease the pain of labor and childbirth, they end up restricted to the bed since they are essentially numb from the waist down. It has been shown that being able to walk around during labor decreases the labor pain, helps to circulate blood throughout mom and baby and helps to encourage fetal descent. Going epidural-free also gives you the opportunity to move your body into more comfortable positions.

Shorter, Easier Labor
Medications and medical interventions during childbirth interfere with the body’s natural pattern of labor and will actually prolong that experience. With medical interventions such as the epidural, it is near impossible to know when and how hard to push because of the resulting numbness – this leads to a longer labor and birth.

Mental Presence
Mothers who elect to birth their child naturally are able to become active participants in the birthing experience because they are fully aware of their body and can control their positioning, when to push and how hard to push without having a nurse or doctor coach them. Being medication free during birth allows mothers to connect with the experience.

Safer for Baby
Natural childbirth is non-invasive with little to no potential harm to the baby. There are no risks of medication affecting the baby’s physical health and no risk of potential physical damage caused by the use of vacuums or forceps.

Better for Mama
Natural childbirth leads to a quicker recovery since you are able to get up and move around, allowing the euphoric hormones following birth to do their job in helping to heal your body. Also, epidurals increase the risk of perineal tearing and caesarean-section, both of which require a large amount of rest and healing.

Ultimately, the choice in how you deliver your precious child into the world is your own and most mothers choose the method that ensures a safe and healthy delivery – whether or not it involves medication or medical interventions. Knowing the benefits of natural childbirth is important in helping soon-to-be mothers make informed decisions on how their child is delivered.

How about you? Did you deliver naturally? Would you consider it?